Shoppe Pioneer


I went home Friday March 15th to visit my mom and we were able to check out this great little boutique in Providence.  Usually, I visit Thayer Street (& only Thayer Street) when I go into Providence because it doesn’t seem like there is that much around.  Well, I was very badly mistaken.  Shoppe Pioneer.  That’s right, Shoppe Pioneer, this was like a mini Anthropologie, but with even more unique products since the owner only gets four of each garment.  Located on South Main Street, the owner Natalie Morello has transformed this space into a bohemian and eclectic space for her clients to explore.  The exposed brick mixed with trunks and chests used as furniture made me fall instantaneously in love.

DSCN0088 DSCN0089 DSCN0091

I found things in every corner, which just kept making me want to look at everything.  Although the furniture and even some of the accessories had a vintage and bohemian flare to them, the clothing, while some still had the bohemian flare, were on trend.  I tried on this Vince-esque vest in hunter green with faux leather panels down the side.  While I didn’t get it, and now wishing I had taken a picture of it, was amazed by the quality and the price point of these garments.  Natalie told us that she tries to keep everything at an affordable price point while still having the trendy and quality items available.

DSCN0094 DSCN0092 DSCN0090

I didn’t leave empty handed – if that’s what you were thinking!  I scored on this amazing maxi dress that maybe not with this snow, but pre snow could’ve worn bundled up with tights, leg warmers and boots/booties OR I can wear it once it gets warm without those winter accessories… You’ll be seeing it soon (I’m going to start posting my looks of the day if I stop being lazy for once!).  So, in all, to close out this post, I would definitely recommend taking a trip down to Providence to visit Shoppe Pioneer because it is definitely worth your while.  Whether or not you find something, it’s a pleasure to meet the friendly and helpful Natalie Morello.

Until next time.

xo Allie


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